In this time of crisis, my heart goes out to each of you. We deeply thank those on the front Iine of the pandemic, our precious healthcare workers, many of whom we work with as part of our therapy dog services.

You know, I founded Good Dog during another health crisis, AIDS. My hope then, as now, was to bring comfort to those suffering through human-animal interaction. This crisis is different because, to keep our therapy dog teams and those they serve safe, we had to temporarily suspend our visits.

But, from adversity comes invention. In partnership with partner hospitals, nursing homes and universities, we’re doing virtual visits on Zoom and Facetime. Our volunteers show off their dog’s cute tricks and playfulness for the joy of those needing healing comfort.

Soon, we’ll be sharing moments from our volunteers and their dogs via a new social media program, and we will invite those of you with pets to share stories from home. This is a good time to renew the deep bonds we have with our four-legged or winged family members.

In closing, I recognize so many people are also struggling financially, as are we. But, if you are able to help us, please, please make a donation. When we come out from under the health crisis, demand for Therapy Dog Teams is likely to explode, and we want to be there to help!

We care deeply about our Good Dog families and friends. Stay healthy and safe during this difficult time for our country and our planet.

With affection,
Rachel McPherson
Founder/President The Good Dog Foundation