Dog Trainer
The Good Dog Foundation is looking to hire a dog trainer as an independent contractor in Manhattan to train and certify Good Dog’s animal-assisted therapy teams.

This is a wonderful way to:

  • Expand your skill set
  • Impact hundreds of therapy teams and the thousands of patients they serve
  • Work with dedicated staff and volunteers committed to the mission of advancing animal-assisted therapy
  • Supplement your income

Therapy classes are normally scheduled for nights and weekends, but scheduling is flexible. It shouldn’t conflict with other training obligations or private clients, and we can work with your schedule.

Job Description: In addition to being able to teach basic manners, the trainer must also be able to identify animals suited to therapy work and teach commands and techniques appropriate to the therapy field. Animal therapy teams are trained specifically for jobs that include working in hospitals, reading programs, with students with developmental disabilities, hospice care, etc. The trainer must be able to use positive methods to instruct our policies and procedures necessary for therapy dog certification.

Skills: Good communication, strong animal handling skills and ability to read animal body language, a love for working with animals and their guardians, patience, the ability to adapt quickly and make decisions.

Education and Training Needed: Only humane training methods are allowed and trainers are required to complete 300 hours of training experience, provide references, and maintain continuing education coursework. APDT/CPDT preferred.

Other: A car is preferred

Please email your resume and letter of interest to


There are no internship opportunities available at this time.