Volunteering with The Good Dog Foundation

The Good Dog Foundation is a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on the kindness and generosity of our volunteers (both human and canine) to provide animal-assisted therapy to those in need. The gift of healing and wellness is a precious one, and our teams are trained to help provide that gift. We have seen our teams make radical differences in the lives of those we help. Consequently, our teams gain landmark experiences that impact their own lives in rewarding and lasting ways. To see what we offer our teams, read about The Good Dog Difference.

Interested in helping heal with your dog?

Visit the Potential Teams page to see more details on the steps to become a certified Good Dog team. If you are interested in pursuing the rewarding experience of therapy dog service, you can submit the pre-screening form available on the Potential Teams page.

Already changing lives as a Good Dog team?

Visit the Current Teams page for resources.