Help us brighten the world, one Good Dog story at a time

Each story we help write is unique. But they all share one commonality: The power of healing and overcoming obstacles through a dog’s unwavering love.

In the season of giving, please consider donating to The Good Dog Foundation so we can continue the incredible work of our teams and brighten the world, one story at a time.

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Support More Good Dog Team's to Make a Difference In Someone's Life

“When a child reads to Buddy, it is enchanting. Buddy innately knows to listen, giving each child a sense of acceptance, a sense of companionship, a space that is loving, not judgmental.”

— Susan Miller on The Good Dog Reading Program

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Help Spread More Smiles

“Not a lot of people get to read to a dog, unless you have a pet dog. I like reading to Buddy. He is fun to read to, he’s a good listener, and he helps me with my reading skills.”

–SaraLynn, 2nd Grader in the Good Dog Reading Program, The Children’s Warner Library in Tarrytown, NY

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