Welcome to Good Dog

Welcome to Good Dog

Welcome to Good Dog

The oldest love affair on Earth has been going on for 30,000 years.
It’s the bond between dogs and humans.

Which explains why…

  • dogs can talk to us without words;
  • in ways that are loving, powerful, transforming;
  • and why, in times of pain, dogs want to help us heal.

Our Work

The Good Dog Foundation harnesses the dog human bond to ease human suffering and support learning with Animal Assisted Intervention. Some examples:

Good Dog Oliver visits a school to help children read.

Good Dog Burl comforts a hospital counselor.

To see more videos of Good Dogs in action, click here.

How to Participate

Good Dog trains, certifies and deploys Volunteers and their dogs to help people in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and other facilities.

Good Dog trains Professionals (educators, health workers, etc.) to work with their dog as
part of a professional practice.

Good Dog conducts Research with hospitals and universities to advance the therapy dog field.

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